Librarianship and information science

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Membership of the RIN Consultative Group for Librarianship and Information Science

  • Jan Wilkison (Chair) - University Librarian and Director of the John Rylands Library
  • Simon Bains - University of Edinburgh Library
  • Martin Bellamy - Major Projects and Research Manager, Glasgow Museums Resource Centre
  • Andrew Booth - University of Sheffield, School of Health and Related Research
  • Wayne Connolly - University of Newcastle Library
  • Sue Cumberpatch - University of York, Library
  • June Hedges - University College London, Library Services
  • Ann-Marie James - University of Birmingham, Information Services Learning & Research Support
  • Dr William Kilbride - Digital Preservation Coalition 
  • Luis Martinez-Uribe - University of Oxford, Oxford e-Research Centre
  • Peter Morgan - University of Cambridge, University Library (Medicine)
  • Philip Payne - Birkbeck College Library
  • Janet Peters - Cardiff University, University Library
  • Dr Daniela Petrelli - University of Sheffield, Department of Information Studies
  • Dr Monica Schraefel - University of Southampton, Department of Electronics and Computer Science
  • Dr Elizabeth Shepherd - University College London, School of Library, Archive and Information Studies
  • Wayne Sime- Director of Library Services, Royal Society of Medicine
  • Dr Stephen Smith - University of York, Department of Electronics
  • David Stuart - Web Analyst and Consultant
  • Paul Vetch - King’s College London, Centre for Computing in the Humanities
  • Judy Wright - University of Leeds, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences

Minutes of the group’s meetings are available below.

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