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The Research Information Network is a policy unit funded by the UK higher education funding councils, the seven research councils and the three national libraries.

We aim to:

  • enhance and broaden understanding of how researchers in the UK create and use information resources and services of all kinds
  • support the development of effective policies and practices for researchers, institutions, funders, information professionals and everyone who is involved in the information landscape.

The UK’s research community is one of the most successful in the world. To sustain this position, it is essential that we keep up with and expolit new opportunities in a rapidly changing information environment. our role is to help researchers and the wider community rise to this challenge, which will become even more important during the current climate of financial restraints.

Our structure

The RIN is accountable to

  • a Funders’ Group, comprising representatives of the RIN’s sponsors. The Group provides a line of accountability back to all the bodies that are funding the RIN.
  • an Advisory Board, made up of sixteen members from both the research community and the library and information community. Its role is to advise on and review the development of the RIN’s strategy and workplans, within an overall framework of objectives and budgets set by the Funders’ Group.

In addition, we have four different disciplinary Consultative Groups to provide vital bridges between different sectors of the research community, and between the library and information community.

Annual review

Our annual review (below) provides an overview of our project work and other activites during 2010 and provides a preview for the rest of 2011. This year’s theme looks at challenges and opportunities.

Our previous annual reviews for 2009 and 2008 is also available below.

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