Continuing the Debate on the Future of Higher Education in the UK

Added by Branwen Hide on 14 November 2008 16:57

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the DIUS (JISC) hosted Higher Education blog, which was developed with the aim to facilitate discussions leading to the development of a framework policy for UK Higher Education.

On the 12th of November, DIUS published the nine commissioned reports, unadulterated, on the blog with the aim to get people to comment and encourage further debate. These views can then be fed into the broader discussion.

For example, the Council for Science and Technology report on Academia and Policy made a number of recommendations, including the need for government to take a more flexible approach with the RAE/REF so that papers could be assessed not only for academic quality, but also for policy value to Government. Where as the ?Thrift? report on Research Careers focuses on the early stages of research careers, and concludes that the current system works reasonably well. It does identify a few areas which need to be addressed and presents a set of policies which may improve the current situation. It will be quiet interesting to see the response to this report from early career researchers and particularly those that have left academic research.

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