It is hard to say goodbye

Added by Branwen Hide on 15 June 2010 09:42

During the course of your research project how many times have you banged your head against a wall or wanted to pack it all in? I hope this makes you smile and realise we have all been there. I wrote this during a particularly tough spell during my PhD. I recently handed my corrections in and can tell you it does get better, and there comes a time when you only remember the good bits. Enjoy.

Dear Project

I have tears in my eyes as I write this but I feel that there is nothing more I can do…I need space. We are no longer able to stimulate each other intellectually like we once did. Everyday is the same, with the same outcome again and again. It is like we are going around in circles and not getting to the core of the problem. And on top of all this, the lack of emotional support is causing me great heartache. We are not happy and I feel myself slipping yet you do nothing to help, even when I beg of you. I think we just need some time alone - some personal space to sort things out and try to figure out how to get back to the way we were at the beginning - full of excitement and joy. We need to try new things and once we have explored these other avenues we may find that we are actually meant for each other and the troubles we have had sort themselves our or are no longer an issue. I do care about you immensely; you consume my every thought. But right now, I think we just need more that we can offer each other. We may find that by exploring new options we find new techniques that will stimulate us in ways we never thought possible.

Love always,

Your Research Scientist

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