Microsoft and Academic Researchers: Unlikely Bedfellows?

Added by Branwen Hide on 11 August 2008 10:16

Tony Hey, corporate vice president of Microsoft?s external-research division, believes that Microsoft?s business goals and the needs of academics are in harmony when it comes to research and publishing.

And to prove it, Microsoft has developed a number of add-ons for Microsoft Office Word that are free for licensed users of Word and other Microsoft products.

The Article Authoring add-in enables users to structure and annotate their documents according to the format that publishers and digital archives require. The software will also make it easier to electronically embed into papers key details and phrases, thus making it easier to find articles in electronic databases more easily.

The Creative Commons add-in will enable authors and publishers to embed information about copyright and licenses into Microsoft office documents. It would seem that Microsoft is finally listening to and working with researchers; let?s hope this continues. For more information read the article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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