Added by Branwen Hide on 26 May 2009 15:24

Back in February I mentioned the new and exciting things that were being incorporated into UKPMC such as CiteXplore which links electronic literature resources to bioinformatics databases, and I thought I would highlight some new developments.

In a further bid to build a useful and usable resource for health science researchers, those that use the UKPMC Manuscript Submission System (UKMSS) will also be able to use a new service (My UKPMC) to report on the outcomes of any grant funded by any one of the UKPMC Funders. In a run up to the REF, the service also shows researchers the number of times their paper in UKPMC has been cited. ?My Impact? will also show all the details of the citing articles, but only if the users have access to Thompson/Reuters Web of Knowledge (WoK).

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