Strange Encounters - famous eureka moments in science

Added by Branwen Hide on 26 June 2009 12:31

BBC radio 3 are airing a series of essays, ?Strange Encounters?, in which scientists are asked to describe a famous eureka moment in their field as if they were actually in the room.

The essays are presented in a dramatic, novelistic style. The first essay was aired on Wednesday, 24 June and is our own Dr Jennifer Rohn (she is a new member of our life sciences and medicine consultative group and spoke at our consultative group away day). She gives an enticing story of biologist Peyton Rous discovery that viruses can cause tumours. There are four essays in total, which can be heard on BBC radio 3 at 23:00 or alternatively you can listen to them on the BBC iPlayer. Jennifer also has quite a nice blog about her experience.

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