Women, science and the web

Added by Branwen Hide on 28 July 2008 11:14

A recent study suggests that female scientists and/or labs run by women have a smaller web presence than their male counterparts and/or groups run by men.

However, no statistical study was done on the data, so it is not known if this is statistically significant or not. But this is still an interesting point to discuss.

Events and debates about issues relating to women in science recommend (insist) the need for women to network as a way to raise their profile and subsequently move up the research ladder. Traditionally this is achieved by attending conferences, seminars and networking events. In today?s online society, large amount of information is found via web-based searches women should also be encouraged to establish their presence on the web as this will definitely help raise the profile of any researcher.

So, that being the case, what are the easy ways to get online? Well, there are a number of options available, depending on how much time and expertise you have. The simplest options are to join established networking site such as Nature Networks, BiomedExpert and Academici or something that is a little newer like Graduate Junction. Alternatively or in conjunction, you can start your own website; your IT department should be able to help get you started. Which ever you chose to do, remember to keep it updated and the more you personally use your site, the more other people come across it.

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