The Dominance of Google in the UK and the US

Added by Michael Jubb on 09 March 2007 11:52

One of the key findings of the study we published in November on researchers? use of discovery services is how much they use Google for a variety of tasks in the course of their research. There is perhaps no surprise in such a finding. But it would be interesting to see if Google is quite so dominant for researchers in other countries. There is some evidence to suggest it might not be.

The Hitwise website provides regular rankings of the top 20 websites visited by US users, and the latest ones for February 2007 put Google at number 2 in the list with 4.47% market share, behind myspace with 5.93%. At number 3 is Yahoo, with 4.16%.

Hitwise also provides through its UK website an interestingly different rank order of the top 20 sites visited by UK users. The Google UK site is at the top of the list, with 7.86%, with at number 4 with 2.37%. So it looks as if Google is much more dominant in the UK than in the US, with a combined total of over 10% of the market. There is perhaps some interesting work to be done in trying to find the reasons for this, and in particular, from the RIN perspective, to see whether the overall figures are reflected in researcher behaviour. It would be interesting also to look at the rankings for other countries.

There are other interesting differences in the rankings: ebay ranks 2nd in the UK, but 8th in the US; and whereas wikipedia is 15th in the US, it is not in the top 20 in the UK. Again, it would be interesting to speculate on the reasons, and to know more about other countries.

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