Student satisfaction with libraries

Added by Michael Jubb on 07 August 2009 09:53

The results of the National Student Survey have just been made available on the HEFCE website. As usual the responses to the library question (agreement or not with the statement that ?The library resources and services are good enough for my needs?) show some interesting variations, and changes from the figures I commented on last year.

An extra 31 institutions are covered in the survey this year (289 as compared with 258 last year), but it is encouraging to see a much bigger rise, from 22 to 39, in the number where students strongly agree that their library provides a good service. And only seven institutions, as compared with ten last year (and again all local colleges) have fewer than 50% of their students either strongly or mostly agreeing that they get a good service.

You can see the rank order of satisfaction by institution in the attached spreadsheet. As last year, the top 20 institutions in the satisfaction league table are an interesting mix. There are no figures for Oxford (top last year), but Cambridge is pipped to top place by the 36 students at the Medway School of Pharmacy who responded to the survey, 29 of whom (81%) definitely agreed that their library met their needs. A fair number of institutions from across the sector retain their places in the top 20 from last year: Glasgow University, the Arts University College at Bournemouth, Harper Adams University College among others. What is very striking, however, is the rapid rise of institutions such as Imperial College and Leicester which have opened new buidlings.The effect on student satisfaction is clear. What lies behind the rise of the Royal College of Music from 51st to 4th in the rank order is less clear to me (perhaps someone can elnlighten me).

Institutions will no doubt be pouring over the data from the survey, including the fascinating subject breakdowns of responses. Let us know if you have an interesting stories to tell.

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