Cataloguing comes out of the closet

Added by Sally Curry on 05 February 2009 12:50

Is it just my awakened interest in cataloguing and metadata or is there suddenly a lot going on in the bibliographic data - cataloguing - metadata area?

 With the current focus on resource discovery everywhere you turn and on the interoperability of everything, inevitably metadata, which is the foundation of all resource discovery algorithms, is coming to the forefront .

Combine this with the move towards open access, towards opening up data, data made freely reusable and accessible to all and there is a rush of movement in the field of bibliographical records.

We now have, I am not sure whether to call them tools or services, such as Library Thing and Open Library  to add to this picture and, at the ALA conference last week, Lib-Lime announced a new open source cataloguing tool, ?  

Although downloading records one by one via Z39.50 may not be the way forward, the opening up of this data for free re-use is a heralding major changes in the way libraries acquire and manage their bibliographic data.

Talis has just announced a deal with LibLime to make bibliographic records available to the library community via the ? platform; OCLC is interested in this area of work and the Research Information Network will shortly be publishing a major new report on the flow of bibliographic data within the scholarly communication process. The RIN report, (consultants KenChad and SERO) looks at issues not only from the library point of view but also from that of publishers, aggregators and other major players in the field. It will also consider important developments in the area of the provision of appropriate metadata for e-books and their component parts as well as for e- journals and journal articles.

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