Herds of cows on the web and CoWs in the library

Added by Sally Curry on 24 July 2009 17:30

St├ęphane?s blog has reminded me that Moira Bent (National Teaching Fellow and Faculty Liaison Librarian at Newcastle University) and Pat Gannon Leary (Bede Research and Consultancy) have discovered the need for CoWs too, though this time - in the Library.

Pat and Moira have undertaken ongoing research into the improving library services for researchers, and a recent, important finding is the need for support for researchers, particularly for new researchers, in getting their work published.

Their research has reviewed not only where researchers chose to publish, but also why they publish (not as straight forward as it would seem) and also, in some cases, why they do not. Their findings have led them to identify a need amongst researchers for a Community of Writers or CoW, where such issues can be discussed and information provided and that supporting this community is a role that the libraries can play. So you may find a CoW coming to a library near you.

For further information please contact Pat Gannon Leary (pgleary@aol.com) or Moira Bent (moira.bent@ncl.ac.uk) . You can see their presentation at the Darts 2 conference here. They have also submitted a full article on their research to the New Review of Academic Librarianship.

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