KULTUR: multimedia repository for the arts

Added by Sally Curry on 02 June 2009 13:07

KULTUR, a new collaborative repository, the first for the creative arts, has just been announced.


This is an exciting new development as, so far, repositories have concentrated on text, published articles and appear to be dominated by science and engineering subjects. KULTUR has created a completely different formula. It is a flexible, multimedia repository capable of showcasing a wide range of outputs from digital versions of paintings, photography, film, graphic and textile design to records of performances, shows and installations.


Its importance is not merely that it is the first repository to enable material of this type to be stored and made available but it opens up many opportunities for researchers in the creative arts that have been lacking in the past. Participants and potential participants in the partner universities noted many other benefits to those using this repository including:

  •  Promotion of their work both within and, more importantly, outside the university, including the option to depositors to offer their work selectively
  •  The ability to make documentation about their work readily available to their funding bodies
  •  The ability to network and discover what other researchers are doing both within the home institution and beyond it
  • The opportunities this open repository provides for exploring related works and developing collaborative working.

The creation of this repository suddenly also up further possibilities for collaborations within the arts not only within the HE sector but also to link with other institutions within the UK and beyond.


KULTUR is the output of JISC funded project which is a partnership between EPrints at the University of Southampton, the University of the Arts London, the University for the Creative Arts and Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton and the Visual Arts Data Service.

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