Social networking with lemon posset

Added by Sarah on 10 December 2008 17:12

Google has published its year-end search figures, the Google Zeitgeist 2008, which looks at the most searched terms on their engine.

The most looked for term in the UK (and in a lot of other countries) was, of course, Facebook, with a more surprising BBC coming in second.

Google?s President highlighted the fact that social networks were the fastest rising queries, alongside a high demand for the US Presidential election, and Sarah Palin coming up trumps, as the number one searched for term globally - good on her! It seems like social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace continue to be avidly used by the younger generation and will continue to rise in the future.

I?d like to know how the term ?semantic web? did in the stakes. I?ve googled it many a time and I?m still not sure exactly what it means. Interesting, they also highlight the top recipes searches, with lemon posset coming in at number 8. I?ve no idea what that is either, but I will add to the figures and go and look it up now! I look forward to learning something new every day…

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