Data sharing in Canada

Added by Stephane Goldstein on 18 August 2008 19:41

There’s been much focus on research data sharing and management in the UK of late, and the RIN is playing its part in helping to move forward the agenda in this area. Interesting news from Canada in this context, where a Research Data Strategy Working Group has recently been set up. This has the aim of collaboratively addressing the challenges and issues surrounding the access and preservation of data arising from Canadian research - the premise being that there are no nationally adopted standards or policies governing how such data are collected, catalogued, or preserved, and that research opportunities might be lost as a result. The Group will address challenges relating to infrastructure, research culture, legal/policy frameworks and training - issues which are well-recognised here in the UK.

Incidentally, the website contains a useful list of background material and reports that are informing the Group’s thinking. No mention yet of the RIN’s own report on publication and quality assurance of research data, but we hope this will soon be remedied.

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