E-infrastructure: the UK path to a brave new world

Added by Stephane Goldstein on 15 February 2007 18:04

Following a pretty massive collective effort on the part of a large range of agencies (including RIN), last week saw the long-awaited publication of a report on developing the UK’s e-infrastructure for science and innovation.  Not the sexiest of titles, but well worth a read, if only because it sets the case for appropriate funding in the Government’s forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.  The report, somewhat akin to a manifesto structured around six broad themes, underlines the dangers of neglecting infrastructure when seeking to build - in the Government’s own terms - a successful knowledge-based economy.

No-one, outside select circles at HM Treasury, knows how much influence the proposals and ideas will have in practice, but there can be no harm in spreading the word about them - particularly if your constituency MP happens to be Gordon Brown, Stephen Timms, Dawn Primarolo, John Healy or Ed Balls.

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