New survey of research support provided by libraries

Added by Stephane Goldstein on 30 January 2008 19:09

Last April, the RIN, jointly with CURL, published its report on t­he use of library services by the research community; this is now being followed up by a RIN working group which is looking at the practical implications particularly for Higher Education Institutions.

In the meantime, another interesting benchmarking survey has been published on the level of research support provided specifically by fourteen of the nineteen libraries serving the 1994 Group of universities - i.e. those institutions characterised by a relatively high research intensity, but nevertheless not as heavily research-funded as those of the Russell Group

This work, undertaken by Peter Lund and Helen Young, of Loughborough University Library, points to the importance of constantly adapting library services to researcher needs, building on the level of support that libraries are offering to researchers beyond traditional information materials.  The report highlights, for instance, the wide range of training opportunities offered by libraries.

A timely piece of research, certainly worth a read.

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