Open access research notes

Added by Stephane Goldstein on 14 March 2008 19:11

Interesting initiative from open access publisher BioMed Central, which has recently launched its BMC Research Notes title. 

This is intended to enable authors to publish datasets, small-scale clinical studies, reports of confirmatory or negative results, updates to previous research, methodology, software tools and databases, short correspondence items and hypotheses. The aim is "to reduce the loss suffered by the research community when results remain unpublished because they do not form a sufficiently complete story to justify the publication of a full research article."

One particular type of content caught my eye: the Data Notes feature, which allows authors to describe public data sets or databases including how they were collected and curated and likely uses of the data. This could be an interesting feature. The RIN guidance on stewardship of research data emphasises the importance of good practice with regard to annotation of data over their lifecycle, notably through the establishment of provenance protocols and audit trails, to indicate clearly who has annotated or amended data, how and when. Although the requirements for authors wishing to submit material to Data Notes are well thorough and well set out, it remains to be seen the system would allow for dynamic annotation of given data over time.

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