Bibliographic data: reducing duplication of effort - new RIN project

Added by Sarah on 27 August 2008 00:00

A new RIN project will identify and map the ways bibliographic records are created and aims to recommend solutions to the current problems of complexity and duplication in the system.

There is no doubt that there is huge duplication of effort in the creation of the bibliographic data that is used in library catalogues in the UK and across the world. Whether produced by publishers, aggregators or librarians, this duplication is not only costly but the resulting variation in records has a significant negative impact on the development of interoperability between catalogues and other discovery services.

The RIN has commissioned Ken Chad Consulting in partnership with Sero to undertake this work. They will be talking to publishers, aggregators and librarians and to other interested parties to unpick this tangled web of bibliographic data production. For more information, visit our project page.

Anyone interested in finding out more, contributing to the discussion or offering their comments is welcome to contact Ken Chad by email or telephone: 07788 727 845.

Ken has produced a ‘Bib Data Brainteaser’ to allow you to add your thoughts, visit Ken Chad Consulting.




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