The changing face of learned and professional societies libraries - podcast

Added by Sarah on 24 August 2009 10:45

If you missed our event on 5 August 2009, ‘The changing face of learned and professional society libraries’, you can listen to the highlights, including interviews of the key speakers and feedback in our short podcast.

Highlights include interviews with key speakers, Royal Society Archivist, Nicola Court talking about the Royal Society Library, including how it’s used by fellows and how it could be better promoted. Jan Ayres, Senior Librarian at the Centre for Anthropology at the British Museum, and Ted Goodliffe, Library Officer at the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, explain how their institutions work together to maintain one library and Maureen Wade, Head of Library Services at the London School of Economics, presents the perspective of academic libraries, and highlights the need for all libraries to adapt to the changing environment.

Changing face of learned and professional societies podcast.

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