Creating catalogues: new RIN report

Added by Sarah on 08 June 2009 14:41

A new RIN report provides a timely overview of the process of producing and disseminating bibliographic data for scholarly journals, journal articles and for printed and e-books.

Creating Catalogues: bibliographic records in a networked world’, finds that there would be considerable benefits to be gained if libraries, along with other organisations in this data supply chain, were to operate more at the network level, but that there are currently significant barriers to making effective moves in that direction.

Our report explains how bibliographic data are created and used from publishers through a range of intermediaries (including libraries), to the end users. Whilst there are pressures to make these data more freely available, each player in the process has its own motivations and business models in creating, adding to, using or re-using bibliographic data, many of which hinder moves to open up this data.

The report provides a number of important recommendations for all involved in the process. The Research Information Network will work with the academic library community and others in the supply chain to raise awareness and understanding of the issues in this report, of the benefits to be achieved by moving to new models, and to identify ways in which we might work towards achieving them.

For more information and to download the report, visit our project page.

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