Discovering physical objects: Meeting researchers? needs - new RIN report

Added by Sarah on 26 November 2008 12:33

A new report investigates how researchers discover and gain access to physical objects and artefacts, and finds that more collaboration between museums, galleries and the research community is needed.

The RIN report ‘Discovering physical objects: Meeting researchers? needs’ investigates the current issues facing museums and their staff in providing the facilities researchers need. Covering four varied subject disciplines as examples of the process: archaeology, art history, earth sciences, and social and economic history, the report finds that many museums face increasing difficulties in providing continued support for research and scholarship in the face of new priorities for museums and galleries, especially in the context of providing wider public engagement in their collections.

It gives a unique overview of the current situation in the UK and provides a range of recommendations for museums and their supporting organisations, such as Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), Collections Trust and the Museums Association.





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