The e-journals revolution: RIN event

Added by Sarah on 19 May 2009 12:49

RIN is holding an event on 1 July 2009 to discuss the findings from the ‘E-journals: their use, value and impact’ report.

The e-journals report takes an in-depth look at how researchers in the UK use electronic journals, the value they bring to universities and research institutions and the contribution they make to research productivity, quality and outcomes.

Aimed at scholarly publishers, university librarians, higher education policy makers and researchers, this event will offer fresh insights on the use and value of e-journals and provide a networking opportunity for delegates from diverse arenas.

Key speakers include:

  • Chris Banks, University Librarian, University of Aberdeen
  • Richard Gedye, Research Manager at Oxford University Press
  • Michael Jubb, Director of the RIN
  • Dr Emily Lyons, Scientific Manager, Imperial College London
  • Professor David Nicholas and Dr Ian Rowlands of the Centre for Information Behaviour and the Evaluation of Research (CIBER) at University College London 

For a full programme and booking for this free event, visit our events page.


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