E-only scholarly journals: overcoming the barriers

Added by Catherine Gray on 29 November 2010 12:50

As part of our transitions in scholarly communications portfolio of projects, this first report investigates the barriers to moving to e-only publishing of scholarly journals, and ways in which those barriers might be overcome.

In recent years, publishers, librarians and academics have seized the opportunities offered by the electronic publication of scholarly journals. Despite the popularity of e-journals, however, content continues to be published, acquired and used in physical printed form. In the UK, we are still some way from a wholly electronic journal environment. This study is prompted by a concern that the retention of both printed and e-journal formats adds unnecessary costs throughout the supply chain from publisher to library to user. In view of the many advantages of electronic journals, this report sets out to understand the barriers to a move to e-only provision of scholarly journals for researchers in the UK, and to investigate what various players within the scholarly communications system could do in order to encourage such a move.

The results of the study are presented in this report, which is available to download from the main project page, along with some recommendations for action.

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