Collaborative collection management summer workshop

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Monday, 16 July 2007 09:30 - 16:30

Location: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London

This brought together a group of experts, representing different library sectors from across the UK to discuss collaborative collection management (CCM) and how to revitalise work in this area.

Libraries have a vital role in providing support for the UK research effort both directly to their core user group and for the UK wide research community. Currently however libraries, and in particular, their research collections are under considerable pressure. The declining purchasing power of library budgets; the pressure on library space;  the additional demands on space generated by changing teaching and learning methods universities, and as a result, the occasional, ad hoc disposal of materials are all creating an increased threat to the collections libraries have created over many years.

Collaborative Collection Management (CCM) offers many benefits to those involved and currently it can play an increasingly important role in the overall process of information provision both for individual institutions and for the UK as a whole. CCM can ensure that unique materials are not lost to the nation whilst allowing libraries to manage their collections to reflect local needs; it can help to build centres of information and expertise and even support the acquisition of important materials through collaborative resourcing.

Michael Jubb, Director of the Research Information Network, began the day by identifying the increasing importance being given to research in the UK and the need to ensure that the relevant information resources are available to support researchers in their work. He also highlighted the growing focus on collaborative working both within research itself and also the shared services initiatives and others which are affecting many HE services, not least  those of  libraries and their research collections.

A series of presentations were then given that demonstrated the breadth of activities which  fall within the term Collaborative Collection Management and the workshop was completed with a wide ranging discussion as to where the central CCM Programme could best support and encourage CCM initiatives across the country. Topics included: how to engage with researchers; the issues around consortial purchase; the vital importance of continuing the retro conversion of card catalogues and how collaborative working can support this process.

The presentations from the workshop are attached below with notes on the outcomes from the workshop.

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