Information handling training - Yorkshire and the North East

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Monday, 14 February 2011 10:00 - 15:00

Location: Newcastle University

This event considered a proposal to establish a regional network of professionals involved in researcher development relating to information. Such a network would facilitate, in Yorkshire and the North East, communication between, and practical outputs for professionals involved in researcher development relating to information handling and use.

The workshop, which took place at the Research Beehive at Newcastle University, was attended by delegates from a dozen institutions across the region, including librarians, researchers, data specialists and trainers. There was agreement about the usefulness of setting up a regional network, whose potential value was recognised in a number of areas, for instance as:

  • a forum for exchanges of perspectives and sharing of good practice;
  •  a means of avoiding duplication of effort between institutions;
  •  a mechanism for activities in common such as joint responses to consultations;
  •  crucially as way of bridging gaps between different professional groups.

The workshop also included presentations and discussions on the use of Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework and SCONUL’s Seven Pillars of Information Literacy as tools to help promote information literacy for Higher Education researchers.

A note of the meeting, incorporating the proposal for the establishment of the network, is attached below. Also attached are the programme for the day and the Powerpoint slides that were presented at the workshop.

Practical steps, as suggested in the meeting note, are now being taken to establish the network. Further information will be posted on this page as things takes shape. Although this particular initiative relates to Yorkshire and the North-East, it is hoped that other regions in the UK might be interested in the idea of developing similar ventures. RIN has already received expressions of possible interest from different parts of the country; again, details will be posted on these pages if and when concrete ideas start emerging.

The workshop, which was conceived and run by Laura Jeffrey from Durham University Library, was organised in the context of the RIN’s programme of activities relating to training in information handling and data management.

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