New questions and new answers: Consultative Groups? awayday 2009

Added by Sarah on 07 May 2009 18:46

Thursday, 7 May 2009 16:00 - Friday, 8 May 2009 16:00

Location: Rookery Hall Hotel and Spa near Nantwich, Cheshire

Our first awayday for members of all our four consultative groups, aimed at bringing together researchers from diverse backgrounds and to discuss the RIN’s work themes.

A total of 42 consultative group members attended, along with three guest speakers (two of whom have subsequently joined one of the consultative groups), and RIN staff.

The feedback from both the participants and the RIN staff was very positive, with almost everyone finding the event useful. The event aimed to bring together researchers from diverse backgrounds, to talk about the RIN’s work themes across the disciplines and to offer a networking opportunity for our members. The day included plenary sessions and facilitated workshops, with the workshops allowing for ideas to emerge about how the RIN might approach its key work themes. The workshops also provided an opportunity for the members to suggest proposals for small projects or activities that the RIN might undertake (e.g. new RIN guidance documents or fact sheets, topics for possible events or workshops etc) and the proposals were presented by each themed group to a panel of experts, ?Dragon?s Den? style.

The themed groups were as follows: research data; open access; what do researchers want from library and information services; training and skills in information handling and the value of research information, with reference to research assessment.

The programme and a report of the days activites are available to download below. Photos from the day are available on our Facebook page.

The slides from the keynote speaker Richard P Grant, who spoke on social networking in research, are available at

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