Freedom of information ? a tool for research

Added by Sarah on 30 November 2009 13:17

The RIN is working to raise awareness of the potential of freedom of information legislation (FoI) as a tool for researchers.

The right to obtain primary and archival information from government departments and other UK public bodies can be a powerful factor for academic researchers in a range of disciplines, but awareness of this legislation, and how to make use of it, remains surprising low amongst researchers in higher education.

The RIN has organised two workshops aimed at the research community on this topic, one in London during 2008 and one in September 2009 in Glasgow, which included a special focus on the Scottish perspective.

These workshops have been an opportunity to engage in a dialogue, covering such issues as the best approaches for obtaining information from public bodies, and the limitations of FoI legislation.

The RIN is keen to pursue this dialogue and is open to suggestion about what issues might be usefully explored to better realise the potential of the legislation among researchers. We are hoping to organise a third workshop, perhaps in the north of England, in collaboration with other interested parties in 2010. For more information see our projects page or contact


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