Open science case studies - call for expressions of interest

Added by Sarah on 19 August 2009 14:14

RIN and NESTA are looking to fund a series of case studies, to examine what motivates researchers to work in an open manner with regard to their data and if there are advantages to working this way.

Through a small number of case studies, the project will investigate the perceived benefits to researchers, research institutions and funders, of utilizing open scientific methods and the degree to which there is evidence to support these perceptions.

The studies will also investigate why some researchers are hesitant to use open scientific methodologies. For example, is working in an open manner perceived to: require skill sets that the majority of researchers do not have; impinge on intellectual property rights; take up large amounts of time away from other responsibilities; or negatively affect measurements of research impact (citations) or career progression.

Following the outcome of this call, the RIN and NESTA will invite those selected to submit a full tender. Full project specification and tendering requirements will be issued at this point.

More information is available on our project page.

In the first instance, expressions of interest should take the form of an outline statement, on not more than a single sheet of A4, indicating the scope and rationale of the proposal, the likely research methodology to be deployed and a selection of proposed case studies to be examined.

The deadline for responses is 9 September 2009.

Expressions of interest or enquiries should be emailed to Branwen Hide


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