Ensuring a bright future for research libraries: launch event

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The Research Information Network (RIN) is launching a new guidance booklet, aimed at ensuring high quality information services are provided for researchers.

News release - 18 November 2008

Good library and information services are an essential underpinning for research, just as they are for successful teaching and learning. Success in research, at both national and institutional levels, depends critically on the quality of the information services to which researchers have access.

This new guide Ensuring a bright future for research libraries: A guide for vice-chancellor and senior institutional managers aims to ensure library and information services keep pace with the evolving needs of researchers. The guidance was written by the working group set up to consider the findings and conclusions from the RIN and Research Libraries UK (formerly CURL) report on Researchers? use of academic libraries and their services (April 2007).

Digital technologies and online information resources have brought fundamental changes in how research is done, and also in what researchers expect from library and information services. The services that librarians and information professionals provide have also changed fundamentally over the past decade, and they now offer much more in providing leadership that brings improvements in research performance and effectiveness. New resources, services and technologies continue to create new opportunities, new challenges and new expectations.

Librarians and information services need the resources and the continuing top-level support within their institutions to ensure that they can fulfill their potential and meet these challenges.

The report will be launched on 18 November 2008 by Professor Robert Burgess, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Leicester and the RIN’s Director, Dr Michael Jubb will discuss the framework the guidance provides in terms of ensuring library and information services keep up with the changing needs of researchers.

The full guidance and case studies will be available on the RIN’s website at: www.rin.ac.uk/bright-futures-libraries


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