UK world-class research reputation put at risk by global recession

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A new RIN briefing warns that if libraries are forced to make budget cuts on their journals and books subscriptions, then the UK’s reputation for world class research and teaching could be seriously damaged.

New release - 17 April 2009

The recent dramatic fall in the value of sterling has seriously damaged university library purchasing budgets, putting scholarly books and journals at risk.

The briefing note highlights the trend of cancelling print journals in favour or electronic journals, centrally negotiated ‘big-deals’ and the challenges facing library budgeting. It calls on universities, funding bodies, researchers, librarians, and publishers to pull together to solve this serious and unforeseen challenge to the vitality of the UK’s research base. It urges them to seek creative, practical and sustainable solutions to the growing crisis.

The current budgetary challenges could do fundamental damage to research and scholarship, and compromise universities’ capacity to pursue their core business: these challenges affect far more than just the library.

Michael Jubb, RIN Director says:
‘We call on all the key stakeholder groups to work together to find solutions to ensure that the scholarly publications link in the chain from genius to wealth creation is not damaged beyond repair’.

Toby Bainton, SCONUL Secretary, says:
‘Directors of university libraries are concerned about their ability to purchase enough high quality journals. In recent more prosperous times, librarians have managed to fund an impressive and growing list of journals for their researchers and students. Journal resources have been enhanced despite relatively high inflation in prices. Now, with reduced budgets and the remarkable fall in value of the pound against the dollar and euro, the pressure is serious. For the UK to stay at the forefront of research and innovation it is essential for researchers, students and other academics to have access to the latest journals.’

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