RIN joins the Digital Preservation Coalition

Added by Sarah on 28 January 2009 16:46

The RIN has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), with a focus on collaborative working and an emphasis on improved the dissemination, sharing, preservation and curation of data.

Developing guidance and policy to help achieve these improvements will be of significant benefit to all DPC members and the wider community.

Stéphane Goldstein, Head of Programmes at RIN said: “Our joining of the DPC is well overdue, and RIN is delighted to be part of this community. RIN recognises the huge importance of preservation and curation of digital assets, and understands the effort required to ensure that the UK remains equipped to meet this challenge. We are therefore happy, through the DPC, to play a further part in helping with the task at hand”.

Visit the DPC’s website.

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