Social media: A guide for researchers (Pat Heslop case study)

Added by Catherine Gray on 07 February 2011 17:58

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Pat Heslop

I am currently working as a Professor of Molecular Cytogenetics and Cell biology at the University of Leicester. My interests include genetic diversity, crop plant evolution and breeding, genomics and functional genomics, systems biology and interactions between genes etc

When publishing my work I prefer to use more traditional ways like publishing in journals and presenting in conferences, but also talking to people for original stuff.

I usually use social media in my professional and personal life. Specifically, I use blogging, micro blogging, social citation, social/ professional networking tools and aggregators and dashboards like Netvibes and iGoogle.

All of the social media tools I use are very useful and important in my life and research all for different reasons. I don’t specifically use on or rely on any because they might start changing or go bust or have other difficult changes.

The main project page for Social media: A guide for researchers is here.

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