Quality assurance and assessment of scholarly research

Added by Catherine Gray on 28 May 2010

This guide has been produced to provide researchers, academic administrators and librarians with an understanding of quality assurance processes and some of the current issues surrounding the debate about quality assurance.

Quality assurance and assessment play many important roles in the research community. They inform crucial decisions on the funding of projects, teams and whole institutions, on how research is conducted, on recruitment and promotion, on what is published or disseminated, and on what researchers and others choose to read. They underpin trust in the work of the research community.

This document provides an overview of some of the key issues surrounding quality assurance and assessment of scholarly research. It is intended for academic administrators, researchers and librarians who deal with elements of quality assurance and quality assessment as part of their daily work, but who wish to understand more about the broader context of that work.

The guide is available to download below, or you can request hard copies from contact@rin.ac.uk

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