Paying for open access publication charges

Added by Sarah on 18 March 2009

This guidance gives advice on paying for open access publication charges in journals and sets out recommendations for higher education institutions, publishers, research funders, and authors.

The RIN and Universities UK have produced this guide in response to the requirements of research funders for greater access to research outputs. Open access journals have become a growing part of the scholarly publishing landscape over the past few years, but the arrangements for paying publication fees have grown up haphazardly and are not standardised. Fees are sometimes met from unallocated funds available to researchers from research grants or other sources, but sometimes have been met from researchers own pockets.

This work follows on from the RINs earlier guidance Acknowledgement of funders in research journals (February 2008).

The working group on this guidance included representatives from the library, publishing and research administrator communities, and they will continue to work on addressing the issues raised by the recommendations in this guidance.

The guidance and briefing are available below.

Hard copies of the guidance and briefing are also available, email

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