Scholarly books and journals at risk

Added by Sarah on 22 March 2009

The current economic difficulties across the globe bring serious risks to scholarly books and journals. Our briefing calls on key stakeholders to find solutions to the challenges facing the UK’s research base.

Scholarly journals and publications play an essential role in communicating, recording, certifying, disseminating and preserving research findings. Researchers in the UK need to have access to the fullest possible range of scholarly literature, otherwise, the UK’s ability to support and undertake the research and teaching of the highest quality, for which it is internationally recognised, will be compromised. At the same time, the value chain ‘from genius to wealth creation’ could be shattered, and with it the UK’s economic competitive edge.

In the UK, the recent dramatic fall in the value of sterling has seriously damaged university library purchasing budgets.Universities, funding bodies, researchers, librarians, and publishers must work together to find creative, practical and sustainable solutions to this serious (and unforeseen) challenge to the vitality of the UK’s research base.

The briefing is available below.

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