Mind the skills gap: Information-handling training for researchers

Added by Sarah on 16 September 2009

This report finds that training for researchers on information seeking and management is uncoordinated and generally not based on any systematic assessment of needs. 

The report focuses on the information-related training for researchers that is provided by universities and other higher education institutions. It looks at the roles that librarians and other specialists play and how the training that they provide fits with the wider training provision.

Over the last few years, researchers have embraced new technologies and services that allow them to discover, locate, gain access to and create information resources on their desktops. However, there is evidence to suggest that research information skills have not kept pace with rapid change in this area. This raises important questions about how researchers acquire the appropriate skills in information handling, and the take-up of the training opportunities provided. 

The report with executive summary and background information are available below. There is also a briefing sheet covering a summary of the main findings and key recommendations of the report. 

Hard copies of the briefing sheet are available, email contact@rin.ac.uk

Follow-up activities

We held a workshop for key training providers to discuss the issues raised by the report on 3 September 2008 at Leeds University Business School and for key stakeholders to work towards a plan of action.

A further expert workshop took place on 16 July 2009, with experts from a range of relevant organisations, including Vitae and RCUK, to identify practical ways of taking forward conclusions from the report.

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