External evaluation of collaborative collection management project

Added by Sarah on 16 December 2005

Research Libraries UK (RLUK) and the RIN have released a report that evaluates the RLUK-funded CoFoR Collaborative Collection Management (CCM) project.

The report evaluates the achievements of the CoFoR project in Russian and East European Studies, and makes recommendations as to possible long-term collaborative collection management directions for research libraries across the UK.

The CoFoR project stemmed from a concern acknowledged in the Final Report of the Research Support Libraries Group that uncoordinated development and management of research collections in libraries would increasingly put at risk the UK’s ability to provide comprehensive coverage of research materials in key disciplines.

CoFoR’s aim was to explore the feasibility of a fully national and coordinated approach to collection development and management. The project worked closely both with the research community and research libraries with significant Russian and East European Studies holdings to establish a ground-breaking 10-year voluntary partnership agreement regarding the acquisition, retention and transfer of stock in relevant subject areas. The project also developed a Toolkit for those wishing to develop CCM schemes in other disciplines.

The evaluation of the CoFoR project and its achievements has been undertaken by the MPD Consultancy. The report recommends that the CoFoR initiative should be further supported and developed into a multi-disciplinary framework, building on what has been achieved to date in Russian and East European Studies, with a number of improvements. A summary of the report’s findings and recommendations, and the full report itself, are attached below.

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