Reinventing research? Information practices in the humanities

The RIN has completed a second series of case studies to provide a detailed analysis of how humanities’ researchers discover, use, create and manage their information resources.

This project focuses on the behaviours and needs of researchers working in a number of subject or disciplinary areas in the humanities. They follow the first round of case studies in the life sciences (November 2009).

The overall aim of RIN case studies was to:

  • develop an in-depth understanding of humanities researchers’ approaches to discovering, accessing, analysing, managing, creating, refining and disseminating information resources;
  • provide comparisons between the behaviours and needs of researchers in different subjects/disciplines, research teams or institutional contexts;
  • identify barriers to more effective performance in using, creating, managing and exchanging information resources, and suggest how they might be overcome.

A consortium, comprising Oxford Internet Institute, The Oxford e-Research Centre, The Centre for Digital Humanities (Univeristy College London), The Department of Information Studies (University College London) and e-Humanities Group (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), was appointed as contractor for the study. 

The report is now available to download below, or you can request hard copies from

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