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Added by Sarah on 22 March 2010

The Research Information Network (RIN) has been commissioned by the Public Catalogue Foundation (PCF) to assist them in understanding how the needs of researchers may be met in the development of their new website which will showcase the oil paintings held in public ownership in the UK.

The PCF is in the process of making an illustrated record of every oil painting in public ownership in the United Kingdom. To date the main vehicle for this work has been the Oil Paintings in Public Ownership series of printed catalogues. However, in future, the main publication vehicle will be the YourPaintings website. This website is being developed by the PCF in partnership with the BBC and in conjunction with the universities of Glasgow and Oxford.

The YourPaintings partners are keen to ensure that the website they are building will be useful to all groups that might use it. RIN is helping them to understand potential user needs for study and research.

To ensure that the website will be of value to researchers, RIN has created and is running a survey on behalf of the PCF to identify how researchers currently use the internet for their work and also to elicit their response to the facilities the proposed website plans to offer.

For further information on the YourPaintings research survey, please email

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