Six policy themes

The 2007 RIN report, Research and the scholarly communications process, identified seven linked activities as the core of scholarly communications.

They are:

  1. The pursuit of research aimed at generating new knowledge and understanding
  2. Assuring the quality of the information outputs generated by researchers
  3. Ensuring appropriate recognition and reward for all those engaged in the scholarly communications process
  4. Presenting, publishing and disseminating information outputs digitally, orally, in print and in other forms
  5. Facilitating access to and use of information outputs by researchers and others who have an interest in them
  6. Assessing and evaluating the usage and impact of information outputs
  7. Preserving digital, printed and other information outputs, so that those of long-term value are accessible for the indefinite future.

This website provides information, guidance and practical help on the last six of these activities. The first activity is in effect an umbrella for the others, and is covered in each theme.

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