Researchers use of freedom of information - podcast

Added by Sarah on 10 September 2008 11:06

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This podcast has highlights from the RIN’s workshop on Researchers use of freedom of information, held on 9 September 2008.

It includes speakers being interviewed and outlining the key points of their presentations, as well as feedback from delegates. You can also download the event presentations and read the summary report at our event page.

This podcast is 27 minutes.


  • Keynote speaker Duncan Tanner shares his experiences of using the FOI Act in historical research (at 3:41)
  • Dr Steve Wood of the Information Commissioner?s Office tells us how to make most effective use of the FOI Act, including how to make a complaint (at 6:45)
  • Dr Teresa Bastow, Head of The National Archives’ (TNA)? FOI Centre explains the best way of making FOI request to TNA (at 10:43)


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